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Wide Format Printing

It's the ultimate platform for printing on rigid, flexible and even roll media, delivering near-photographic quality images across a diverse range of creative print applications. Acuity Advance Select printers feature the latest technology to deliver superb performance and are truly affordable with a range of investment and upgrade options.

From the leader in wide-format printing

Benchmark performance

The Acuity Advance mid-range flatbed platform has been the industry benchmark since 2007, delivering excellent results and proven performance. With thousands of machines installed around the world and continuous product development, the latest models now produce the best results ever.

Award-winning UV inks

Fujifilm was the first company to commercialize UV-curable inks in the wide format inkjet industry. Thanks to a market-leading investment program, Uvijet inks have been continuously improved and refined to deliver benchmark color vibrancy and performance.

Experts in color

When used with Fujifilm's XMF ColorPath color management system, an Acuity Advance Select printer using Uvijet KI or KO inks can be calibrated to help achieve consistent color output (eg. to an ISO standard) across multiple print processes.

Industry expertise

Through our excellent support infrastructure, Fujifilm provides a world-class service before, during and after installation. Fifty years of wide format experience and application expertise enables us to provide practical advice about printing with Acuity Advance Select printers.

Create it all with Acuity Advance Select + Uvijet inks

With outstanding image quality and excellent adhesion to a broad range of materials you can produce an amazing variety of printed products for distance and close-viewing.

With an Acuity Advance Select and Uvijet UV ink technology you can:

  • Produce point of sale graphics, indoor signage, industrial graphics and product decoration, printing direct to rigid media
  • Print on PVC, polycarbonate, styrene, acrylic, paper, board, wood, aluminium composite and many other materials
  • Create proofs for a customer which are identical to the production run
  • Print stunning color images: greyscale print heads vary dot size to produce high definition and smooth graduations (in skin tones for example). Uvijet UV inks produce vibrant images and enable you to match a wide range of brand and spot colors
  • Use clear ink to add impact using a spot or flood clear with uniform finish (Acuity Advance Select 6 and 8 color models only)
  • Use white ink to produce images on transparent or colored materials
  • Print color-white-color layers in one pass for two-sided images on transparent materials
  • Print stunning backlit images direct to transparent media
  • Optional ionizing bar to reduce the effects of static on some synthetic materials
  • Excellent image quality uniformity through full print-bed mapping
  • Double strike white capability for extra-high opacity and ultra smooth whites
  • Two additional cyan and magenta color channels maintain excellent image quality at high print speeds
    (Acuity Advance Select 8 channel or Select HS 6 channel models only)