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Global giant in Graphic Industry

In a world full of printing system suppliers, Fujifilm is unrivalled in its ability to create a rich lineup of products from within its own group. In addition to this diversity, Fujifilm products also feature industry leading quality and performance. Fujifilm printing plates, to name one outstanding example, command a 40% market share worldwide. Fujifilm plays the crucial role of selecting from this world class lineup, products that are specifically suited to individual needs, thus helping customers to reach their goals. Our greatest strength lies in providing a total worldwide service from system configuration to strategy planning and technical support. This strength drives our technical innovation, enabling us to contribute to the development of the Graphic Arts industry.


Fujifilm will provide true total solutions to all customer demand

Fujifilm Graphic systems are unique in the diversity of the product lineup. Also unique is the quality, functionality, and capacity to drive change. From advanced digital presses to CTP, from hardware & software to materials & chemistry, our products deliver industry leading performance without exception. Fujifilm offers total solutions like these to comprehensively address customer-specific issues.