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Control of materials


[photo]Technologies02 Control of materials


Skin care item containing effective nano-sized
ingredients that can efficiently penetrate into the skin

Fujifilm’s proprietary nanotechnology is used to achieve stable high-density dispersion and high permeability to the stratum corneum in the delivery of human-type ceramides with the same structure as the moisturizing-component ceramides in the intercellular lipids of the stratum corneum. Use on the skin after facial cleansing and before applying skin lotions helps to maintain skin moisture levels by efficiently penetrating deep into the stratum corneum.

Functional Molecules / Functional Polymer / Redox Control Technology / Nano Dispersion Technology / Materials Chemistry

Proprietary nanotechnology

With easily crystallized ceramides produced at a minute size (approx. 20 nm) about one-tenth that of conventional ceramide molecules, dispersion is possible without using oils or emulsifiers.

Astaxanthin Softgel
SUTTONE RICH Crocetin Plus

Astaxanthin and Crocetin have been combined as
functional substances

Food with functional claims that combines Astaxanthin for maintaining skin moisture and Crocetin derived from Gardenia for supporting healthy sleep by reducing the frequency of waking up at night and encouraging sound sleep until morning.

Functional Molecules / Functional Polymer / Redox Control Technology / Nano Dispersion Technology / Materials Chemistry


Astaxanthin is a red-colored carotenoid that is well-known for its anti-oxidation effect. It gives the red color to seafood such as salmon and shrimp.

Micro-Needle Array

Just apply to the skin; this new way to
administer (inject) medicine offers less pain
and improved usability

The sheet has an array of microneedles 100 to 2,000 μm long. Polysaccharides are utilized in the projecting structure, and within several minutes after piercing the skin, they dissolve underneath the skin, delivering into the body the medicine packed into the projections. Due to the extreme fineness of the needles, the pain is less than for a standard injection.

High-precision Forming Technology / Materials Chemistry

Projection length and
form can be freely

By applying high-precision processing technology developed for photographic film, we have enabled the length and form of the projection to be freely designed. Reliable administration of the medicine is possible.