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Handling of cells


Control of surface energy

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[photo]Technologies04 Handling of cells

Hydro Ag

Demonstrated antibacterial coating performance
approximately 100 times greater* than
conventional technology**

Hydro Ag features a silver-based antibacterial agent dispersed in a super-hydrophilic binder. This treatment supplies silver ions from both the surface and from the inside of a coating film. As a result, the concentration of silver at the surface of the film is maintained consistently high, thereby guaranteeing excellent and persistent antibacterial performance over a long period of time.

*General antibacterial coat using a binder with low hydrophilicity, which is used for LCD protective films.
**As result of an antibacterial performance test conducted according to JISZ2801, Hydro Ag’s antibacterial properties are greater than 100 times of conventional silver-based coating film within an hour after initial exposure to E. coli bacteria.

Functional Polymer / Nano Dispersion Technology / High-precision Coating Technology / Materials Chemistry

Persistent antibacterial performance

An antibacterial performance test conducted according to JISZ2801 has shown that bacteria was reduced by more than 99.9% within an hour of initial exposure to the bacteria. Hydro Ag demonstrates approximately 100 times the antibacterial performance** than a conventional silver-based antibacterial coating that uses nonhydrophilic binders.