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Message from the Management

[Photo]Shigetaka Komori : Chairman and Chief Executive Officer(left), Kenji Sukeno : President and Chief Operating Officer(right)

Shigetaka Komori : Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (left)
Kenji Sukeno : President and Chief Operating Officer (right)

Constant Change, Creating New Products and Services and Sustainable Growth

Since the year 2000, Fujifilm has faced a drastic reduction in the demand for our core business, photographic film, and the entire company has united in its efforts to promote corporate reforms. Today, we have been reborn as a company that is currently engaged in several fields with the potential for future growth.

At Fujifilm we have many leading-edge, proprietary technologies in a variety of business areas, and together these serve as the foundation for our diversification. These areas include fine chemistry, including the control of elaborate chemical reactions, mechatronics, optics, electronics, software and a wide array of manufacturing technologies. Leveraging these technologies, we have recently been focusing on the following priority business fields: Highly Functional Materials such as LCD materials; Healthcare which includes medical equipment and systems, pharmaceuticals, functional skin care cosmetics and nutritional supplements, and regenerative medicine; Graphic Systems including printing materials and equipment; Optical Devices such as broadcast lenses and security lenses; and Digital Imaging including digital cameras, instant photo systems and Photobook. We are expanding our capabilities in these fields through proactive M&A as well as investment in R&D and facilities.

In the Healthcare business field, a major growth area, along with our existing businesses of X-ray diagnostic imaging systems, medical IT systems and endoscopy, we are also investing in the markets for functional skin care cosmetics and nutritional supplements. We are also at the cutting edge of developing groundbreaking pharmaceutical products, and creating practical applications for regenerative medicine to realize a comprehensive healthcare business that encompasses prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The expansion of our businesses in this field is expected to provide vital support for our company. In the Highly Functional Materials business field, another major growth area, in addition to existing products such as film for LCD, we will continuously expand our business by developing new, highly competitive products, such as touch-panel sensor film and backsheets for solar cells, that address the need for high functionality.

While nurturing and contributing to the development of the culture of photography, we are also constantly seeking to leverage the full potential of our proprietary technologies in a broad range of other fields. Through new products and business offerings, we aim to contribute to enhancing the quality of life of people worldwide. This is the philosophy that underpins our corporate activities. Our goal is to make a broad contribution to society through products and services using our leading-edge, proprietary technologies.

By constantly responding to the demands and expectations of society to create and provide new values, we are striving to become a leading global company that is able to adapt to changing times and business environments.


Shigetaka Komori
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kenji Sukeno
President and Chief Operating Officer