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Innovation History

From our roots as a photographic film manufacturer, we have steadily pursued innovative solutions in an increasingly broad range of fields, from imaging to medical systems.

1930s & 40s

1934 Motion picture film [Photo] Motion picture film
Plate-making film [Photo] Plate-making film
1936 X-ray film [Photo] X-ray film
1948 Color reversal film and still cameras [Photo] Color reversal film and still cameras


1951 Microfilm [Photo] Microfilm
1954 Industrial X-ray film [Photo] Industrial X-ray film
1958 Color negative film [Photo] Color negative film
Fujitac (TAC film) [Photo] Fujitac (TAC film)


1963 Non-carbon paper
Videotapes for broadcasting [Photo] Videotapes for broadcasting
1965 Single-8 (8mm motion picture film system) [Photo] Single-8 (8mm motion picture film system)
PS plates (for offset printing) [Photo] PS plates (for offset printing)
Tapes for computers [Photo] Tapes for computers
1969 Micro filters (filtering film) [Photo] Micro filters (filtering film)


1976 High-speed color negative film [Photo] High-speed color negative film
1977 Prescale (pressure measurement film) [Photo] Prescale (pressure measurement film)


1982 Motion picture film awarded the Scientific and Technical Academy Award and an Emmy Award [Photo] Motion picture film
1983 Digital diagnostic X-ray imaging system: FCR [Photo] Digital diagnostic X-ray imaging system: FCR
1984 Minilab system [Photo] Minilab system
Floppy disks [Photo] Floppy disks
1986 QuickSnap, the world's first one-time-use recyclable camera [Photo] QuickSnap
1988 Digital still cameras [Photo] Digital still cameras
1989 8mm video cameras  
Industrial FCR  


1990 Velvia, color reversal film for professional photographers [Photo] Velvia
1996 Digital Minilab Frontier, APS system [Photo] Digital Minilab Frontier, APS system
CTP plate, WV film  
1999 Synapse, medical imaging and information management system [Photo] Synapse
Sapientia, digital endoscope system [Photo] Sapientia


2003 Super CCD [Photo] Super CCD
Transnasal endoscope [Photo] Transnasal endoscope
Digital diagnostic X-ray imaging system: FCR Profect CS [Photo] FCR Profect CS
2006 Functional skin care cosmetics: F Square i [Photo] F Square i
Internal care products: F Cube i [Photo] F Cube i
2007 Astalift, skin care series [Photo] Astalift
Metabarrier and Oxibarrier, Nutritional supplements [Photo] Metabarrier and Oxibarrier
Digital Minilab Frontier 700 Series [Photo] Digital Minilab Frontier 700 Series
2008 Fujifilm Holdings entered into a strategic capital and business alliance with Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. and Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
MV-SR657, FCR Digital Mammography CAD [Photo] MV-SR657
Justia, FTS Electronic Endoscope System [Photo] Justia
Jet Press 720 (tentative name), inkjet digital printing system [Photo] Jet Press 720 (tentative name)
Volume Analyzer Synapse Vincent, 3D image analysis system [Photo] Volume Analyzer Synapse Vincent
Fujifilm Quality Thermal Photo Paper, next-generation thermal transfer photo printing material
Antibacterial, antivirus, multi-function biofilter
Super CCD EXR [Photo] Super CCD EXR
Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D system, 3D digital image system [Photo] Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D system